IOS 12 Google Maps Carplay

IOS 12 Google Maps Carplay

Apple introduced Google Maps in it’s Apple Carplay app in IOS version 12. Before that, the users had to use the native IOS maps app. Apple Maps is not that popular among users as it does not have the user-friendly interface like Google Maps. IOS 12 google maps carplay option gives you the navigation experience no other app can. It’s intuitive, easy-to-use & familiar as a lot of us use it on our phones as well. Google maps on BMW navigation outsmarts other navigation apps in Apple Carplay.

                             After Apple integrated google maps for carplay ios 12 they added Waze Maps app in their software too. A good step from Apple’s side. Addition of these two navigation apps made navigation in cars much more convenient. Due to the integration of SIRI voice commands Apple has made the Apple Carplay user experience much better than before. You can now also use Google Assistant in Apple Carplay head unit in Google maps app. Each day Apple is introducing more & more apps to its Apple Carplay app, for example, Apple Carplay Spotify, Whatsapp, Google play Music, Podcasts, etc. You can check that by visiting Apple’s official site. They have listed all the apps that are already been integrated into the Carplay app.     

                              BMW before used to offer ‘BMW Carplay subscription’. But they have changed this in the latest models. For older models, you have to purchase the Carplay activation code which OEM Navigation offers. For example, add Apple Carplay to 2015 BMW and 2018 BMW x1 apple Carplay coding option. You have to check that more specifically by entering your VIN in the search bar of our HOME page.

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