Service & Repair History

The service history of a car consists of every maintenance work conducted on a vehicle, despite the routine, difficulty, or price. Perhaps the most frequent maintenance performed on a vehicle is to constantly replace the oil. Other typically swift & general forms of maintenance are the replacement of cabin & engine air filters, windscreen wipers, & batteries. These are all typically easy ways to maintain a car.

If you are going to buy a car and you find the required car, you would want to check every aspect of that car carefully before buying. And some things are not very visible and easy to check just by taking a look at them. For example, whether the car had an accident or not? if the car has been repainted? how is the health of the engine? has oil been changed properly or timely in this vehicle or not? And if you get answers to these questions and get satisfied, you would buy the car without any hesitation.

And if you are going to sell your car you would require to give answers to these questions with authenticity and honesty.

All the answers to those questions lie in the ‘Service and Repair History‘ report/sheet of the car. So the service and repair history is of top importance for every car owner so that the misunderstandings or lack of trust could be avoided between both the parties.

Without having the service history of a car, it’s very challenging to know if and when the maintenance has been done.

OEM Navigations provide you with the solution of ‘BMW Service and Repair History‘. So you could easily check and show others your BMW’s service and repair history. And if you are intending on selling your car it would become easy for you. And even if you bought one you can check whether the car has any internal issues or not, and has been taken proper care of in the past.

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