Apple Carplay & Split screen to full screen

Do you want to use your iPhone’s apps like maps, music, texts & Siri controls on your iDrive unit? Apple launched a software “”Apple CarPlay”” for cars, so people could easily connect their phones to the iDrive unit and experience the apps which they have on their iPhones. Apps like maps, texts, music and calls. And with every day passing, Apple is adding support for more and more apps to its CarPlay software. You can see the full list of apps that are already available on Apple CarPlay on Apple’s website.

If your iPhone is updated to ios 13, Apple CarPlay offers the usability more easy by supporting other apps too, like google maps and Waze. For music, you can either use apple music or Spotify to listen to your favourite music without even connecting your iPhone with a cord to the iDrive unit.

Full-screen vs split-screen Apple CarPlay

BMW’s native CarPlay system comes including a split-screen interface by default company mode, that lets you fit eight apps per screen. For a great CarPlay experience, owners of BMWs with the latest NBT Evo ID5/6 head units can activate full-screen mode in their BMW, after that you can use 10 apps per page

OEM Navigations can activate and provide you with these and more features with our fast and easy remote iDrive coding.

Using CarPlay full-screen also gives your navigation map and other apps more room to make the experience great, making it easier to get the information you’re looking for on just a glance. Due to these advantages, full-screen CarPlay offers more over the split-screen option aftermarket CarPlay retrofits like OEM Navigation’s CarPlay MMI Prime unit tends to use a full-screen interface as standard.

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